Status Report

Want to know the current status of the project and get a quick overview about what is currently happening or what will happen next? Read this post, which is regularly updated.

Status Report


The following services are currently in maintenance mode:

  • All systems running


  • The Parser update was deployed successfully to all six datacenters
  • The Chrome Extension v1.0.5 is available on the Chrome Webstore. Uninstall and re-install the extension on your side if you haven't received the update by Google yet
  • vtta-ddb received an update to play nicely with the updated Chrome extension's connection attempts and will log the process a bit better than before

In order to not disrupt the current toolset, there's a new server, a new domain and a new toolchain in development that will make everything like... gorgeous and wonderful! Let's have a look at the features and where we stand:

Current status of the migration to

As you can see, I am running both pages in parallel. This ensures non-disruptive usability of the current toolset without me needing to worry to break these because of necessary changes. I will update this post regularly to let you know what is happening and create dev diary posts to explain any design decisions made.

[Update 1] As of this update, the image is still true, but we got some color shifts since the last posts:

If you want to import all the adventure modules as before, then use the old line of tools:

If you want to use the new tools, which additional features, bells and whistles, then use the new line of tools:

In both cases please join the new Discord server:


I am planning to tackle the following features and issues during the next weeks, with their respective priorities:

  1. Bringing stability into the toolchain - roughly 30.000 lines of code are powering your new imports, from A to B. This does not include any tools I am using internally to prepare the processing instructions for the module import, the parser checks and revisioning, but just that: Chrome extension, modules and necessary infrastructure codes. Yes, Lines of Code is not great measurement tool since I can write complex code in one line and the same thing very verbose in 20 lines of code, but it can still serve as an image: These tools and the way they work together are complex and I will need some time to make the engine go brrrmmmm. Bear with me, please.
  2. Porting the scene data into the new format - and create the processing instructions individual to each adventure/ source book in order to make it available, too. We already have a great base of data, but it's still a manual effort to polish that and transfer it over to the new importer. I received initial feedback during the launch streams which modules to prioritize, but expect a formal Patreon poll soon.
  3. Add additional features currently missing - references from monster character sheets to D&D Beyond, individual import of paragraphs or sections from D&D Beyond into Foundry VTT as Journal entries (think: custom digital DM-screen) and other things that will become an approved feature request.

Current State

This post will get updated

Please use this post as reference to check what is currently going on. Discord keeps rushing through all chats, and Patreon posts are volatile, too. This page stays forever ;)